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on stage: KISSFIST

Check out our newest dance for the camera!
This work was created with support from Rising Arts Leaders San Diego.
KISSFIST was recently selected for the On Art Film Festival in Poland.
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in the studio: SubtleBodyBigDance

Drop in on our open contemporary technique class, where imagery-based improvisation meets dynamic choreography. All levels welcome!
Mondays 10-11:30 am in San Diego Dance Theater's White Box.
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somebodies dance theater is the home for dance-based, creative projects by Gina Bolles Sorensen and Kyle Sorensen. Our dances invoke a sense of wonder and magic. They are luscious and powerful and delicate and curious. Our dances invite the audience to make meaning and explore associations with us. We love that a surprising image could last in someone’s memory well beyond the curtain call. We believe that along with such images, the feeling of being in that moment lasts too, and we are all richer for it.

somebodies dance theater has presented work to critical acclaim in both national and international venues. We have produced and co-produced full evening concerts in California, Washington, Oregon, North Carolina, Minnesota, Tel Aviv (Israel) and Tijuana (Mexico), and have performed select repertory in festivals such as the WestWave Dance Festival (San Francisco), the Dance Gallery Festival (New York and Texas), the San Diego International Fringe Festival, the HATCH Presenting Series (New York), The BareFoot Collective’s Extension (Washington), the Emerge Dance Festival (San Diego), San Diego Dances (San Diego) to name a few. Our dance films have been screened throughout the United States, as well as in Poland and Bulgaria.

Awards include the Rising Arts Leaders San Diego Virgil Yalong Quick Grant for KISSFIST, the 2016 Outstanding Dance Production award for SILO at the San Diego International Fringe Festival, the 2015 Outstanding Choroegraphy award for The Whispering Directions at the San Diego International Fringe Festival, and the 2012 San Diego Young Choreographers Prize for the “beautifully crafted dance theater” work, “left Field,” featuring an original score and performance by violinist Kristopher Apple.

Learn more about Gina and Kyle in this snapshot on SDVoyager.

Gina Bolles Sorensen (MFA, University of Oregon) is an artist and educator. She has danced for companies and choreographers in New York, San Francisco, Oregon, and San Diego, including Yolande Snaith and Jesse Zarrit (through youTurn Arts). She received grants to study the classical Indian dance Bharatanatyam in Bangalore, India, and spent seven months intensively working in the Gaga language in Tel Aviv, Israel. Gina has twice published original research in the Journal of Dance Education, including the article “Imagery Ability, Imagery Use, and Learning Style: An Exploratory Study” which explored imagery as a dance teaching methodology. Gina was the recipient of a National Artist Teacher Fellowship from the Center for Arts in Education at Boston Arts Academy, honored as Distinguished Alumnus at the University of Oregon, and has presented at the Women in Dance Leadership Conference. She is the Director of the Conservatory of Classical and Contemporary Dance at the Coronado School of the Arts, adjunct faculty at Grossmont College, and an Experienced-Registered Yoga Teacher and founder of Yoga Natyam, an online resource for yoga classes.

Kyle Sorensen’s (MFA, University of California San Diego)work has been exhibited and awarded special honors in both national and international venues, including the Tanzsommer Festival in Austria. Kyle was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship to study contemporary dance and choreographic processes in Israel. He has danced professionally in Los Angeles, Oregon, Washington, and San Diego for choreographers including Yolande Snaith, Joe Alter, Jean Isaacs, and Alicia Peterson Baskel. Kyle has studied the Gaga language developed by Ohad Naharin of the Batsheva Dance Company, as well as choreographic practices with Bebe Miller, K.J. Holmes, and Nina Martin, and dance-for-the-camera with Ellen Bromberg. Kyle is on faculty at Grossmont College. When he is not dancing, he freelances as a videographer and editor for dance, and he creates original music.


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"Heads snap and bodies undulate in the athletic and memorable SILO, presented by somebodies dance theater ... [it] is innovative dance theater at a concert level, and the audience sits inches away on the Spreckels stage."
Kris Eitland
“sensuous fluidity, the impression that each movement originates deep in the body and spreads through every cell … which sounds yummy and oozy but can also produce speed and attack—whip turns, frantic pivots, sudden percussive bursts.”
Janice Steinberg
“If there's a troupe that deserves to be seen by more people — even (or especially) those who don't see a lot of dance — it's somebodies dance theater, whose world-premiere work The Whispering Directions proves an inventive and sometimes mesmerizing experience.“
James Hebert
San Diego Union-Tribune
“utterly charming and darkly witty“
Dawn Davis Loring
Dance Source Houston
"playful and poignant intimacy"
Brian Schaefer
San Diego News Network

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